Be A Hero For A Hero

5 Ways you can help the families of those who have saved lives.

Make A Financial Contribution

Donations can be made online and employers may offer a matching gift. Make a planned donation by listing Red Circle Foundation as the beneficiary of a will. You can also create a Memorial or Honorarium by directing others to donate in memory or honor of a loved one.

Volunteer Your Time & Expertise.

Time is a valuable asset. Join others to help families and spread the word about Red Circle Foundation. We are always in need of volunteers for our Quick Reaction Force, to host fundraisers and that donate their professional expertise.

Corporate Giving & Partnership.

We welcome partners who are committed to the Special Operations community, believe in our vision and will make an investment to facilitate the important work we do.

If you prefer to make donations in person or have questions please contact us at [email protected].

The Many Ways To Contribute Financially

Make A Planned Financial Contribution

Wills And Trusts

Bequests are donations that are made through a Will or Living Trust. You can donate to Red Circle Foundation through your estate plan by naming Red Circle Foundation in your Will for a specific amount or a percentage share of your estate.

Another option is to name Red Circle Foundation as the beneficiary of your estate after the payment of bequests of others. 

The process is very simple for most bequests. A legal professional should be consulted before drafting a will.

Life Insurance Plans

Red Circle Foundation can be named as a beneficiary of an existing or new life insurance plan. This is a low-cost option, and your premium payments may be tax deductible. 

The Red Circle Foundation must be named as the owner and beneficiary of the insurance policy for it to be tax-deductible.

Please contact us with any questions.

Have Your Gift Matched

Many companies have programs called, “Matching Gifts”, which permits employees to donate to the charities of their choice, and match the employees’ contribution. Check with your employer today to see if there is a matching gift program for employees.

Normally, employees provide proof to their employer of their  contribution, and the company contacts us requesting that we complete a matching gift form that they provide. Most companies will ask for the Federal Tax Identification of the charity. Red Circle Foundation’s Federal Taxpayer ID is #35-2450067.

Employer matching gifts may also be available to you if you are the spouse of an employee, a retied employee or the spouse/widow/widower. 

Contact us for further details and to enroll your company in our matching program.

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