We are a rapid funding force that responds within hours to help our military family of fallen and wounded U.S. Special Operations heroes who are in need, and provides scholarships for their children.

meet families we’ve helped.

Government and other charitable funds would have taken weeks to months to reach these families. We responded in just hours.

We Swim Alone Together

We Swim Alone Together

On September 5th I will be taking on a personal “Stay The Course Challenge” by…

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Register Today for GD9.12 benefiting Red Circle Foundation and the Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation

Each year from September 12 through Veterans Day Red Circle Foundation and The Glen Doherty…

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Volunteer Today!

Red Circle Foundation is looking for individuals to give back to the Military Special Operations…

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Why Red Circle Foundation?

We are a non-profit organization that serves the families of our fallen and wounded heroes.


See where your money goes.

Rapid Funding Force

Within hours of a request the money you donate can be distributed to a heroes’ family—covering immediate needs, immediately.

100% Model

Private donors fund our operating costs so 100% of your donations go straight to our family. Your support starts today.

support a family in need today.