Your spare time Can change lives. Volunteer your time and expertise to Red Circle Foundation.

3 ways youRTIMEcan help

Join us on our mission to raise funds that are rapidly available for the immediate needs of Special Operators and their families in crisis.

Volunteer as a staff member

Red Circle Foundation is looking for individuals with experience supporting donation drives, fundraising events, and other charitable work. Lend your expertise in business, law, public relations, advertising, video production, and e-marketing.


host a

Share your idea with us for a local fundraising event that benefits Red Circle Foundation. We will work with you to make it a success—including supplying branded material for your event. Benefit Concerts, Golf Tournaments, Walk/Runs and Charity Auctions are a few event options to consider.


join our quick reaction force

Those shorter on time may want to join our Quick Reaction Force. Their niche is to provide hands on assistance quickly by being available to attend events we host throughout the United States in their regions.


100% of personal donations go directly to families in need.