make aplanned donation

wills and trusts

Bequests are donations that are made through a will or a living trust. You can donate to Red Circle Foundation through your estate plan by naming the foundation in your will for a specific amount or a percentage share of your estate. Another option is to name the foundation as the beneficiary of your estate after the payment of bequests to others. The process is very simple for most bequests. A legal professional should be consulted before drafting a will.

life insurance plans

Red Circle Foundation can be named as a beneficiary of an existing or new life insurance plan. This is a low-cost option, and your premium payments may be tax-deductible. The foundation must be named as the owner and beneficiary of the insurance policy for it to be tax-deductible. Please contact us with any questions.

have yourgiftmatched

Many companies have programs, called “matching gifts,” which permit employees to donate to the charities of their choice, and match the employees’ contribution. Check with your employer today to see if there is a matching gift program for employees.

Normally, employees provide proof to their employer of their contribution, and the company contacts us, requesting that we complete a matching gift form they provide. Most companies will ask for the federal tax identification of the charity. Red Circle Foundation’s Federal Taxpayer ID is #35-2450067.

Employer matching gifts may also be available to you if you are the spouse of an employee, a retired employee or the spouse/widow/widower. Contact us for further details and to enroll your company in our matching program.

create amemorialor honorarium

Red Circle Foundation welcomes donations made in honor or in memory of a loved one. You can choose to support the foundation in lieu of gifts on a special occasion such as a birthday, or have memorial donations given instead of flowers.

The first step is to announce your memorial or honorarium to others and direct them to where to give. This can be done privately or via email and Facebook using the links below.

Memorial and Honorarium donations can be made on our donation page. Be sure to complete the dedication section at the bottom of the form.

100% of personal donations go directly to families in need.